Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now that the project is mostly complete, and all web sites have been migrated from Collage to echoCI, we'd like to get a better idea for improvements in users' experience with the new system.   

In the next few weeks, University employees will receive a link to a survey to provide feedback on echoCI. Anecdotally we've been receiving lots of positive feedback, and we believe this survey will verify these reports.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daniel Martinez (CI Web Supervisor) and I are happy to report that as of 12pm today, Collage is no longer being used to serve any of the University's web content. The final pages (our myCI announcements) were deployed and are being published from EchoCI today, after completion of successful training with announcements editors on Monday.

Over the next few months, we will completely decommission the Collage server and archive the resulting databases and web content to retain historical records as necessary.

It's been a long journey, and we're glad to be at the end of our implementation rollout. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the upcoming echoCI satisfaction survey this fall.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Early this morning, migration of the University home page to EchoCI was completed. The team took the opportunity to roll out  updated rotating banner functionality as well.

This means that we are 99% done with our migration, and have 3 sites left to complete. Since the migration began, over 6500 web pages in over 2400 folders were converted, checked and migrated into EchoCI by the Web Services team. Kudos to the Web Services team for their diligence and hard work over the past year to complete this migration!

In fall 2011, we will issue a survey to EchoCI users to gauge their satisfaction with the new system; based on anecdotal feedback we've receive, we anticipate a significant improvement in satisfaction with EchoCI.

As a reminder, if you need help with EchoCI, please contact the A&IT Help Desk at or call 805-437-8587.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost done! As of today, 95% of web sites have been migrated into EchoCI. The 7 remaining sites have been scheduled for migration, and should be completed soon.

A minor issue today with logon to EchoCI has been resolved. Any issues with EchoCI logon should be referred to the A&IT Help Desk at or by phone at 805-437-8552.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

EchoCI now has the following new features available:

  1. Multi-file ZIP upload: EchoCI users can now upload multiple documents or folders to EchoCI. Simply create a ZIP archive of the files on your desktop, click the "Upload" button, and set the "Upload Type" to Zip, and choose the ZIP archive from your desktop. EchoCI will upload and unpack all of the zipped files according to the folder structure in the ZIP archive. This feature is available in all EchoCI web sites. 
  2. Dependency Manager: this long-awaited feature enables EchoCI to keep track of where your documents are located, and update any links to those documents in case they are renamed or moved, reducing the need to hunt for broken links. This feature is being selectively enabled on sites in EchoCI. 
Please contact Daniel Martinez with any questions about either of these two features.

As of today, 88% of CI's web sites have been migrated to EchoCI. Of the remainder, 9% are scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks, and 3% remain to be scheduled. When complete, the Web Services team will have migrated a total of 136 web sites to EchoCI.

Anecdotal user feedback about EchoCI has been overwhelmingly positive. Once migration is completed, a survey of EchoCI users will be conducted to verify satisfaction with EchoCI, and to compare the results with the WCM Survey conducted between October and November 2009.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Progress on the migration continues: as of today, 51% of our web sites have been migrated and are live in EchoCI. Later this week, this number will jump to 65%. 

Our analysis shows that remaining 50 sites (remaining 35% of all sites) fall into the following categories:
  • 25 sites (50%) should be low-hanging fruit, resulting in easy and fast migration, and will be scheduled first should be scheduled first.
  • 25 sites (50%) are difficult edge cases, because of technical reasons (such use of Collage components or use of custom web template designs) or the large amount of content in specific folders (such as those belonging to Student Affairs or IT) 
Completion of the migration is anticipated to occur towards the end of summer 2011; it is most likely that it will be completed before the start of fall 2011 classes.